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SoundVoice makes exceptional works of art by creating unique, interdisciplinary collaborations, accelerating thinking and transforming practice and demonstrating why artists and the arts are catalysts for multi-sector innovation.


Re:sound is a year-long festival that will encourage artists and audiences to rediscover the cities they live in, through the eyes – and voices – of people who’ve been homeless. Running from April 2022 to March 2023, the festival brings together composers, choreographers, designers, filmmakers, singers and people with experience of homelessness in London, Manchester and Nottingham, to create a collection of nine micro-operas. The works will be performed live, re:sounding together, in March 2023.

Dream Orchestra

Dream Orchestra is a musical program organized around the symphonic orchestra where vulnerable children and young people meet and learn how to create music together, but also to dream and shape their future.

Composer Hannah Conway

Internationally recognised for her work with leading opera houses, orchestras, cultural networks and arts organisations, composer Hannah Conway has directed projects in eighteen countries as a composer, artistic director and presenter. At the heart of everything is dynamic collaboration with diverse and under-represented communities to create new music and stories.

A Gallery For All

A microsite created by Streetwise Opera to feature art created by people with lived experience of homelessness. It includes photography, painting, drawing, poems, music, short stories and films.

Streetwise Opera

Streetwise Opera is an opera company that enables people who’ve experienced homelessness to find inspiration and empowerment while they rebuild their lives and identities. We support participants to develop as creative people and, as we amplify their voices, change how society views homelessness. We engage world-class artists, both established and emerging, to co-create bold new work and reimagine traditional repertoire. We create opera that is for everyone and, by bringing together diverse voices, change how society views opera.